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About us

We're the one of UK's largest car buying service and have helped over 11,000 customers to sell their car since 2009. Our simple three step process provides our customers with a quick, easy, safe and convenient way of selling their car. Free from the hassles of private sale and the inevitable haggle of part-exchange.

A fair price

We won’t try to find reasons to reduce your valuation. We accept that used cars aren’t showroom fresh and won’t drive down your price unfairly. While your car and valuation will be subject to an inspection, we won’t penalise you for fair wear and tear.

Instant payment

You won’t have to wait for your money. We can transfer it instantly into your account by Faster Payment. You’ll be able to see the money in your account before you leave your car with us. Or we can pay you in cash if it's been agreed beforehand.

We collect your car

We’ll collect your car if it’s inside our collection area, free of charge. If you don’t live in our area we may be able to arrange a special collection contact us to find out more.

No hidden costs

You don’t have to pay an admin fee. You don’t have to pay a collection fee; we’ll come to you and collect your car for free. You don’t have to pay a fee to receive your money instantly.

DVLA paperwork completed

We will complete all the necessary paperwork to legalise the sale of your vehicle to us.